Burger King's Big King Sandwich Review

I just ate at Burger King. I like BK, I really do. The Whopper is my favorite “flagship” burger in the fast food industry. But I don’t know what this obsession BK has with trying to be McDonalds. Pepsi and Coke reached a harmonious place with each other in the universe after Coke finally accepted that Pepsi tasted better (see Pepsi Challenge 1980s) and Pepsi finally accepted that Coke will always have a higher market share than them. So why can’t BK and McD’s come to a similar understanding? I digress.

I went to try the new $1 version of their Pork Rib Sandwich (which I previously reviewed….and loved). But as I walked through the door, there it was: The sign advertising the Big King. Yep, BK is taking a stab at McD’s flagship burger. I was absolutely powerless and resisting ordering it proved futile.

To start it was poorly made. Whoever was back there made it with absolute hatred and disdain for me and if I wanted that in a sandwich I would have made my own this morning before work. But everyone who eats fast food knows this happens more often than not, so whatever.

As far as taste, it had all the right ingredients: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions, and pickles on a sesame seed bun. So why did it taste like open ass? The lettuce was yellow and wilted and there was twice as much of it than the 2 beef patties combined. The cheese was waxy and wasn’t completely melted and the onions and pickles just tasted off. They did manage to make Thousand Island dressing with no problem though. Congrats. I guess.

The whole experience left me wondering why they bothered. I guarantee that McD’s isn’t going to come out with a McWhammer any time soon to compete with the Whopper. So trust me when I say, when it comes to a Big Mac like sandwich, stick with the best and get the Big Carl from Carl’s Jr. It taste better, is bigger and just fandamntastic. The Big King gets 0 stars.

Oh ya, I also tried the new $1 version of the Pork Rib Sandwich I was so high a few months back. About 10 years ago my family went to a water park after I got off work. My wife made tuna fish sandwiches that we were going to eat on the way. I was driving and got three-fourths the way through my sandwich before I realized that there was no tuna fish on it. I could smell the tuna on the other sandwiches but for some reason mine (that I randomly grabbed from the bag) did not have any. It was strange because from the smell I could have sworn I was eating tuna fish. My wife said she was sorry and that she had made me two, so she handed me the 2nd one. It also was devoid of actual tuna fish. You know what they say about redheads right? They’re blondes from hell. So I ate 2 tuna-scented sandwiches that evening. Yum. The new $1 Pork Rib Sandwich has so little “meat” on it that it might as well be called a BBQ Pork scented sandwich. They did add onion which was a plus but changed from the inspired artisan bun to their regular sesame seed bun. All and all, just not worth it.


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