Jack Link's Premium Cuts Beef Jerky Review

I love beef jerky. Who doesn’t love beef jerky? Don’t answer that because I simply don’t care. People who don’t like beef jerky can just leave now and never return for all I care. Why? Because it’s the best. My only problem with Beef Jerky is due to my teeth. If I’ve chewing some gnarly thin strip that is more like leather than jerky then my teeth simply cannot handle it. Or if it’s thick and so tough that it takes an hour to eat a bite well again, my teeth can’t handle it and in that case it’s not worth having a sore jaw for a week.

Because of that I mostly stick with Jack Link’s brand Beef Jerky. They have found the best recipe ever as far as eat-ability is concerned. Good sized pieces of real meat. Tender, juicy and flavored just perfectly, every single time. It’s awesome. And they have a huge variety of flavors to choose from.

Let me give a quick rundown of those I’ve tried. Original of course. It’s great but I like things a little spicier. Peppered is fantastic. I haven’t tried “Sweet & Hot” because I don’t like my meat to be sweet. Same reason I have never tried Teriyaki either. But the Cholula Hot Sauce flavored is just about the most amazing thing out there. You must try it. And while you are trying that also grab a bag or two or ten of my new personal favorite (and the whole reason I’m writing this review): Jalapeno.

I bought a 3.5oz bag of this Jalapeno flavored on the way home from work, thinking I would eat a piece or
two and then enjoy the rest throughout the next few days. 15 minute trip home, bag empty and was craving more the rest of the night. I bought two 3.5 oz bags on a Monday morning thinking it could be consumed throughout the week. End of day one, one bag gone. End of day two, two bags gone. I cannot get enough of this stuff.

And for us diabetics it could be a good snack. Where else (except maybe a truck stop parking lot) can you get 11g of protein with only 5g of carbs? But when you consume it in the quantities I find myself woofing it down, then it also must be bad for you. But I don’t care. It’s so good.

This leads to the only bad thing about it. Did you know it’s about $25 per pound? Seriously. And this is not convenience store prices either. This is Walmart prices. That $5 bag is only 3.5oz. It’s ridiculous. I asked Google “Why is Beef Jerky so expensive”. The link to Yahoo answers had 2 good answers: “Beef has a lot of water in it. So when it is dried, it only a fraction of its former weight. Takes a lot of beef to make a little jerky.” And “Also, making beef jerkey is very labor intensive: Cutting, marinating, hanging, drying, packaging, distributing.” Which makes sense. I guess. I liked the answer that said: ” Beef jerky is made from stray urban bush meat and these animals are wary and hard to catch.”

It really is out of my price range so I have to force myself not to buy it. It’s like those pint bottles of milk in vending machines that cost about $30 a gallon if you think about it that way, but yet we still buy it. Well I can’t fake myself out on this. I know the truth about it and its just crazy, but jeez. It tastes so good.

So for you Obama / Romney types out there, I highly recommend buying and consuming large quantities of Jack Link’s Jalapenos flavored Premium Beef Jerky! It scores 4 stars. For the rest of us ordinary people we’ll have to settle for Potato chips I guess!


Angela said...

first I read about your skin tag ordeal, and the next review sends me to beef jerky...
I don't know why, but that made me literally LoL... beef jerky and skin tags! yum.

JustJim said...

I aim to amuse and nauseate. Thanks for reading.

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