Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Review

Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy premiered last night. I’ve been anxiously awaiting its return almost as much as I was waiting for the final season of Breaking Bad to start. I must admit it makes little sense to me, at least at first glance, why on Earth I would enjoy this series. I hate facial hair. I hate tattoos.  I hate the idea of wearing black leather in the summer. I don’t drink.  I don't hang out around loose women. And nobody loathes the idea of driving a motorcycle more than I do. So why can’t I get enough of SOA?

It’s quite simple. What middle aged man doesn’t want to be part of a motorcycle club? When somebody pisses you off, who doesn’t want to just knock his teeth out? Who doesn’t want to be feared? Who doesn’t want to be seen as a local hero, keeping drugs out of your small town while earning money selling guns to other scumbags? Who doesn’t want a woman so truly devoted to you that she loves being called your “old lady”? Who doesn’t want the respect of your fellow club members or have a group of willing minions (known as Prospects) willing and eager to do anything you ask them too, even die for you. Where else does it not matter if you're a big fat fatty? 

And as far as the motorcycle goes…who doesn’t want the feel of a monstrous engine thundering under you, controlled by your hands holding onto ape-hanger handlebars? Eager women throwing themselves at you, kids wanting to be you, men fearing you, the thrill of danger and not giving a damn the consequences whether death, prison or torture; your only ethos being to never betray your fellow brothers. That is why I watch Sons of Anarchy. My wife watches it to see Charlie Hunnam’s naked butt. This occurs often!

No spoilers, I promise. Season 6 is off to a good start with all the elements you have enjoyed in the first 5 seasons. If you’re a fan of SOA then you will enjoy this episode. If you’re not a fan of SOA then you haven’t seen a single episode. And why is that?

A friend of mine said, “I have too many other shows I’m committed to?” I understand that, but consider this: Breaking Bad is over in 3 weeks and the first 5 seasons of Sons is available on Netflix. It’s time to start looking for something to fill the void the ending of Breaking Bad is about to create.

Another friend said "Oh that's the show with Peg Bundy in it."  Give me a break.  Katey Sagal's character Gemma is a certified bad-ass. The ultimate "old lady" and you do not want to screw with her.  I promise, you will love her (and hate her) then love her some more.

So forget your button down shirts, and your bills and your office job. It’s time to nurture that inner bad-ass biker boy you have deep down inside of you. Go to Walmart and buy yourself a Sons of Anarchy T-shirt (only $7), find your old Levi Jacket and cut the sleeves off of it, grab your favorite beverage and sit down and prepare to be who you really want to be (for at least 1 hour a week). Sons of Anarchy is a Certified ReviewSpew All-Star!


Unknown said...

Great post!


Unknown said...

The first few series were alright, it eased weariness every now and then however the sixth series is the most noticeably bad yet. I'll watch the last episode because you kind of need to, however it's not a series I would ever watch a many time. Sons of Anarchy Jackets

Anonymous said...

Actually disappointed within the display, it was a complete superman smallville leather jacket body bath tub last night. We are not aware of only can observe nowadays, We has been an enormous lover with the display and also viewed before it starts, nevertheless each of the comments concerning blacks, browns and also yellow- absolutely no dependence on that will.

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