Taco Bell Shredded Chicken Menu Review

I’ve been back to Taco Bell a couple of times lately. They have this new Shredded Chicken menu. The Chicken Burrito is one of my default selections so I figured this might be an interested twist. What really caught my eye was the flagship of this new shredded chicken “fleet” – The Smothered Burrito. I do believe this is a direct response to Taco Time’s recent foray into a higher class of Restaurant style burritos and Chimmis where they serve the item up on a plate with toppings and a little edible bling on the side. I like this new trend that both fast food chains are now entertaining. The smothered Burrito is chucked full of shredded chicken, premium Latin rice, hearty beans and creamy chipotle sauce. Then covered in enchilada-esque sauce, melted cheeses and sour cream. It was extremely good and filling. I’m really loving Taco Bell’s premium Latin rice, although I’m not sure about the name. Is it more politically correct to call it Latin Rice as opposed to Spanish or Mexican Rice. Since I know where I’m eating already why not just call it..oh I don’t know…Rice. I promise not to complain when I order it and it isn’t Japanese Style sticky Rice. Whatever.

But I digress. The only thing with this and a lot of items from Taco Bell is they’re no good for eating while driving. So when I found myself in a hurry yesterday and had to eat on the go, I ordered 3 Shredded Chicken Burritos. When I got to the window there seemed
to be some controversy going on. She went to tell me something then said, “Just a minute”. She shut the window and consulted for a solid minute or two with two other workers. She then opened the window and said, “I’m sorry sir, but there was only enough shredded chicken to make 2 of your burritos. Is it okay if the third one was made with regular chicken?” To which I replied (without any hesitation), “Oh sure, it all comes from the same cat I’m sure.” She just stared at me for about 10 seconds then busted up laughing. She shut the window and obviously was telling the other workers what I had just said and they all started laughing also. Ya. I’m a character. The sad part is if my life depended on it, I could not have told you which of the 3 burritos I ate was the one with the regular chicken and which was the shredded. Same cat indeed. The Shredded Chicken Burrito comes with Shredded Chicken (at least two-thirds of the time), that pesky Latin Rice, cheddar cheese and creamy avocado ranch sauce. Which by the way is absolutely delicious. The whole burrito is a winner and driver approved.

The shredded chicken is also available on a soft taco as well but I haven’t tried it yet. All and all I will say I really enjoy this new twist but since it taste just like their regular chicken it’s probably the smothering of the Smothered Burrito that makes it a winner and it’s probably the avocado ranch sauce I like so much about the new chicken burrito. Or perhaps it’s that Latin Rice I keep making fun of. It really is good. I do believe the shredded chicken could be diced, chopped, pulled, ripped, smashed or actual cat and it wouldn’t make much difference. But all and all it’s been a while since there was an actual new flavor coming out of Taco Bell and I like it.

A few parting thoughts about Taco Bell. What the hell happened to the Baja Chalupa and Gordita?
Oh you can still get it but it cost extra for the Baja sauce. It’s bad enough that they got rid of the Southwest Chalupa and Gordita after only having it for about 3 months and now the Baja is gone also. Only the Supreme remains. And what’s with them always being out of stuff? I’ve been to Taco Bell when they’re out of beans. BEANS!!! This time it was shredded chicken. They’ve been out of hot sauce before. There was that issue with tomatoes that one summer so that wasn’t really their fault but I’m just saying it’s kind of strange isn’t it? And what’s up with the sayings on the hot sauce packets lately? This is crap I use to say to girls in the backseat of my dad’s ’78 Ford LTD. Another reviewer put it best when he suggested that Taco Bell’s sauces are trying to rape him. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to find one that says something like “You can’t rape the willing”.

So I give the new Shredded Chicken menu at Taco Bell 4 stars and a very high recommendation that you try it. But remember to not let your children read the sauce packets. They might get too many ideas or end up asking you too many questions like “You said the devil works overtime after midnight daddy but this packet says only good things happen after midnight.”. Ay yay yay!


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