Burger King Rib Sandwich Review

And on bended knee I cried out to the gods of processed pork sandwiches, “Why hast thou forsaken me? Far too long the McRib has gone the way of Limited Time items.” And silence was my reply, until today. Today the gods replied, “There is a new king of processed pork sandwiches, and its name is Burger King.” And the angelic hosts of heaven sang out praises of glad tidings!!! Or something like that.

That’s right boys and girls. On a trip to BK today to get a Double Texas Whopper I discovered that they have not one but two BBQ sandwiches now. I got the one they simply called the Rib Sandwich. The guy with me got the more ostentatiously named Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.

First of all let me be the first to say, “IT’S ABOUT FRICK’N TIME!!!”. How hard is it to make a McRib-style sandwich and why hasn’t anyone else done it yet.

Second, the appearance. From the wrapper I was instantly disappointed at its size. It seemed small and it was small. You definitely need to order a large fry and a dessert or as I prefer, just a second sandwich when you try this out. As far as how it looked though, I was very impressed. For a moment I almost believed it wasn’t processed pork. Where McDonald’s gave up after forming theirs into a rib-esque shape that is clearly processed, Burger King has gone the extra mile. This actually looks like a real pork chop that has been grilled to perfection. But one bite was all I needed to know it was the processed pork I was truly longing for. Oh ya!!!

Third, how is it built. The sandwich is served on an Artisan roll which is really awesome. Kind of upgrades the whole experience. The BBQ sauce is just the right amount. I’ve complained for years that the McRib is impossible to eat without making a pig of yourself. This one only requires a little diligence to remain unsullied. The Rib itself seems to be slightly battered which gives it a great appearance and is probably why at first I thought it was a real pork chop. It comes with a copious amount of Burger King deli-style pickle slices on it, which I love. The one thing that is missing is the onions.

Fourth, the taste. From first bite till the last mournful bite this was the best damn pork rib sandwich I have ever tasted, ever. The bread is delicious. The meat is tender, juicy and tasty. The BBQ sauce is tangy and not overly sweet or overly spicy. The pickles are crispy, juicy and compliment the overall flavor of the sandwich. The absence of onion is noticed however. Easily solved by just asking for onions next time I order it (which will be soon).

Fifth, is this a long-term thing or just a fling? Turns out like all good things, this too must come to an end after a limited time. Best thing ever would be if BK’s and McD’s limited times on their Rib Sandwiches complimented each other. Then I would be in processed-Hog heaven all year long.

For those interested, the Pulled Pork sandwich comes on the same roll and has no pickles but does have onions and some sort of white sauce on it. My friend said it was really, really good and can’t wait to try it again. So it looks like BK has hit the mark with their 2 new pork BBQ sandwiches.

As for the BK Rib Sandwich I am going to reward it 4 stars. It’s a little small for the price and it’s devoid of onions without asking for them (and possibly getting charged extra), so they lose a star. But wowsers. What a great sandwich. The processed pork sandwich gods have definitely smiled upon us mere mortals with this incredibly delicious sandwich. Get one now before they’re gone.


Roy snaxon said...

You guys are soo lucky over there I'd love to try a rib burger. In England we are dealt the same combinations with different names there are no real different types of meat.

JustJim said...

Only one thing to say to a comment like that: God Bless America!!!

That does bite that in the birth place of Burger King you can't enjoy the best thing they've ever created.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you again!!


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