Pizza Hut's $10 Any Pizza Deal Review

Our lives are defined by a series of individual, often fleeting, moments. Events that come into our lives but for a brief moment, shine brighter than the noon-day sun and then are extinguished, sometimes, never to return again. Here’s some of those fleeting moments that define my life. Bottomless Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden, McRib time at McDonalds, JBX Grill, The TV show Jericho, the Pastrami Burger at Carl’s Jr. Oh and ya, first kiss, my wife agreeing to marry me, the kids being born, the older ones graduating high school, blah, blah, blah.

There is now a new life-defining, temporary moment. $10 Any Pizza Deal at Pizza Hut. For the record, I love Pizza Hut and I love Pizza Hut Pizza. If you don’t well you can just go suck it I don’t care. They have Pepsi products and for some of us you need not say more than that. But they do indeed have more. A good in-restaurant salad bar at most locations, a Chicken Alfredo pasta dish that gives Olive Garden a run for their money, a variety of different hot wings and oh ya, Pizza.

I love their regular pizza sauce. I always get extra to dip my pizza into it. Their deep dish crust and thin crust are both good although I’m not a fan of that type of crust. Their hand-tossed crust is absolute perfection. Fresh vegetables and savory meats. And I’ve never had a problem with an over-cooked or under-cooked pizza.

My son spent a summer working there and said that it’s a fun place to work at and the workers actually (wait for it) give a damn about the customers. They want you to be satisfied and happy. Where on Earth does that happen anymore? Certainly not at Dominos.

So now, for a limited time, all that awesomeness is a mere $10. Any pizza, any crust, any sauce, any toppings only $10. I put that to the test last night. See I had already eaten dinner and wasn’t even hungry but we were watching Man of the House starring Tommy Lee Jones and he orders up a meat supreme pizza with Jalapenos and I’m sorry that’s all she wrote. I had to have a pizza with Jalapenos on it. This was the final straw in a week of Jalapenos Pizza let-down. Earlier in the week I went to a local Pizza place for their lunch buffet with the specific intent of enjoying their Jalapeno Chicken pizza. They didn’t have it on the buffet that day. This was made worse the next day when co-workers went to the same place and sent me photos of the 1st of 3 different Jalapeno Chicken Pizzas they set out on the buffet. Then Tommy Lee Jones pushed me off that spicy green edge with the pizza in that movie.

So I go to Pizzahut.com and see if they have a Jalapeno pizza. They actually do, some Sicilian one, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. So I did the build-your-own just to see how expensive it would be. With all the toppings I put on it I thought for sure it would be $30, but it came up as $10. My wife then said, “Oh ya, don’t you know? All their pizzas are $10”. No, I didn’t know, but I know now and so do you. I ordered that puppy up as quickly as possible (oh ya, ordering online is easy and awesome – just another reason to love Pizza Hut).

Let me tell you what is now my favorite pizza: Hand tossed crust, Alfredo Sauce, Italian Sausage, Chicken, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Red Onions and Diced Tomatoes. Wow. It was so good. It had such a great flavor and that Jalapeno bite, plus a great texture with the crunchiness of the onions and the tender meats and mushrooms. Hold on a second…… OK. I literally just went and snarfed down a left over slice cold. It’s even awesome cold.

Pizza Hut always rates high in my book but this is a review for their $10 Any Pizza Deal. The above pizza I now love so much would probably be cost-prohibitive under normal pricing (Alfredo is an extra $1 just for starters). So I give Pizza Hut’s $10 Any Pizza Deal 4 stars. It does loose a star because like the popularity of over-sized, acid-washed Levi Jackets, this deal is not going to be around forever. Jeez, now I gotta go find my Levi Jacket…..


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