Diary Queen's S'more Blizzard Quick Hits Review

Adding marshmallows to ice cream is like adding cheerios to chex mix.  It is a non-event.  Its taste, texture, and creamy fluff are completely redundant.  All you are left with is a combination of chocolate chunks and graham crackers, and unless you are toothless or an infant, graham is probably not on your top 10 treats list.  DQ, just bring back the peanut butter crunch blizzard and stop this “creative” nonsense.  1 star.

1,420 calories of funky chocolate covered marshmallow cream and soggy graham crackers?  Gross.  0 stars

1,420 calories of frankly great chocolate covered marshmallow cream and crispy graham crackers?  Delicious.  4 Stars.  Not as good as a Nutter Butter blizzard, but a solid offering.  Plus...they always remember to "flip the blizzard" upside down to prove it's heft.
By the way...1420 calories is for the "gallon" size.  You'd have to be a sick freak to eat that much ice cream in one sitting. (Just call me a sick freak)

Dairy Queen's S'more Blizzard gets a quick hits average of 1.66666666666666666666666666666666666666666 (goes forever) stars.  We'll round up to 1.75.
Review Spew says you should PASS on this.


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