Burger King's 50 Cent Ice Cream Cone Review

 It's routinely in the triple digits during the summer months where I'm living.  This is great when we're out on the lake, as the cool water provides a great cool-down.  Other things aren't quite so nice....$200 A/C bills, $200 water bills to keep the grass green, $30 a month for baby powder to keep my crotch from getting heat rash.  You know...the things you can't live without.

To help stay cool on the cheap, I chain-eat otter pops, head to Sonic between 2-4 for their half-price drinks, and wear little more than tighty whities when mowing the lawn.  To my surprise, Burger King has decided to help this cause by offering 50 cent ice cream cones during the summer.

Burger King is home of the liquid smoke smell.  It's generally on the "no-visit" list at lunch as I'm not a big fan since they got rid of the chicken fries.  But 50 cent cones??!!  It was a must try.

I know what you're thinking...a 50 cent cone...It's probably a 3-lick 30 second treat.  No...that actually describes my bi-yearly sexy time with the wife.  The cone is really quite decent in size.  I wouldn't rename it the Dirk Diggler, but maybe it could be called the Rick Diggler...his slightly less endowed Great Uncle.

Unfortunately, they only serve vanilla, but that shouldn't deter you from giving this cheap treat a try.  Especially as one of the greatest things in the world is the "end-of-the-cone" bite at the bottom that's full of melted ice cream.  Delicious!!

I compared this 50 cent cone to some of the other treats I've purchased recently.  It really puts things into perspective.

1 Nutter Butter Blizzard at Smashburger = 9 BK Vanilla cones
1 King-size Snickers = 4 BK Vanilla Cones
Large Coke at the Movie Theater = 87 BK Vanilla cones

As you can see, this cheap delicious treat will keep my waistline and checkbook fat.  This is the summer of Matt...the summer of Matt!!  5 Delicious stars.


Joan Dunn said...

A few things concern me about this review "little more than tighty whities", "$30 a month for baby powder" and finally "3-lick 30 second treat" I don't think I can try this delicious snack without thinking of these things. You've ruined what could have been a summer of Ice Cream for me and my daughters. Thanks.

Matt said...

Funny....that's exactly what my wife said. Hmmm.....

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