Jack In The Box - Stacked Big and Fully Loaded Review

Something new at Jack In The Box. Three somethings new actually.

Let’s start with the Big Waffle Stack. In all fairness I’m not a big fan of this type of sandwich. I get it. It’s clever to have the “bun” be a waffle or French toast. If it has maple flavoring to it, then you have your stereotypical breakfast all in one convenient sandwich. McGriddles were the first and now others are following suit.

But it wasn’t the Waffle that attracted me to this sandwich. It was the trifecta of breakfast meats: Ham, Bacon and Sausage. And the meats are good, let’s just say not good
enough. The sweetness of the waffle is so bizarre with the 2 layers of cheese. I mean at some point you have to decide which direction you’re going. Is this a breakfast sandwich? Then you need a muffin, biscuit, croissant or bagel as the “bread”. Is it a traditional breakfast? Then you need to ditch the cheese. How many times do you serve yourself up a big stack of waffles, eggs, ham, sausage and bacon and tell yourself  “Wow if I just had some cheddar cheese, lots of cheddar cheese to sprinkle over this whole thing.” I guess maybe on your eggs, but not your meat or your waffles. Yuck!

One final thought on this sandwich. It comes with 2 eggs. It’s just too much. I give the Big Waffle Stack 1 Star. It’s got some good ideas but in the end…it’s just trying too hard.

Jack’s Big Stack. The thing that really drew me to this sandwich is the pickle. I love deli sliced pickles, and nobody does it better than Jack In The Box. OK, I’m certifiable but whatever.

I expected to hate this burger. I don’t like onion rings on burgers. I don’t like sour-dough buns on burgers.
It does live up to its name. It’s stacked pretty high. I grasped this mighty heap of food with two firm hands, practically dislodged my jaws opening wide enough to engulf the first bite and chewed down. Mustard/Mayo squirted from the center of the top bun like Shamu out her blow-hole. Making the sandwich an instant messy disaster. I rallied though. Through sheer will I was able to hold the burger together throughout the experience, but most people would probably end up with a pile of chunks of meat, bread, etc all over their wrapper, lap, and face. I do not like messy burgers.

But since I was able to keep this one together for the most part I was able to actually enjoy it. The flavors blend well together. The onion rings actually work with this. The pickle, mustard and mayo give it a fresh deli taste that I appreciated. It wasn’t perfect and it’s probably because of the sour-dough bun. It tasted fine but was not equal to the task of keeping this beast together. The crust was already ripping off when I first unwrapped it. And the Molecular cohesion of the bread itself could not stop the mustard/mayo geyser from erupting.

I will eat this again, but that comes to my last concern. If we keep consuming burgers like this, the law of evolution requires that we adapt and the day will come that are jaws will dislocate like boa constrictors just so we can eat meals like this. Do we really want that? 4 Stars (change the bun and you’ll get a perfect 5).

Loaded Chili-Cheese Wedges. I hate Jack In The Box’s chili. I hate their wedges. I hated that short-lived thing called Hot Mess which was wedges, cheese and Jalapenos. So why on Earth did I even try these? They were new. That’s why. And I’m a sucker. Okay? Okay.

I’m sooooo glad I did. I don’t know what it is. It’s like they put just the right combo of crappy ingredients together until finally pure perfection was created. These were so good. “Would you like sour cream with those?” “Hells ya I would” and I did. I’m absolutely recommending these to everyone. Very delicious, filling, just good stuff all around. Loaded Chili-Cheese Wedges from Jack In The Box are a Certified ReviewSpew All-Star.


Anonymous said...

hahaha "--evolution"

JustJim said...

Okay anonymous:or "God" will strike us down for abusing our temples. Happy now?

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