GenTeal Lubricant Gel Eye Drops Review

I went in for Lasik a few years ago to fix my ridiculously bad eyesight.  I will all spare you the gory details but I will say that I was one of the few people out there to experience a "free cap", or corneal circumcision as I like to call it.  Mazel Tov!  Basically, they used to have a little razor blade that they would use to cut a flap on the front of your eye. (They use lasers to cut it now).  Then, they peel back the flap, hit you with some high powered laser beams, and bang zoom, you can see.  In my case, the machine didn't suck my eyeball in far enough so it clipped off the front of my eye.  I spent 15 min. of "Fire in the Sky" hell watching  and feeling him try to put the front of my eye back in the proper orientation.  Well, he got it back, and I can see fine, but I now experience occasional dryness.  Well, not really occasional, continual is a better word.

I use eye drops all the time, I have no choice.  Yes, I even got punctal plugs put in.  That is where they shove candle wax into your tear ducts so that the tears won't drain away.  I have to admit that they do keep your eyes moist, but they also make you look like you are on the verge of crying all the time.  I had one particularly embarrassing moment during a viewing of the remake of The Karate Kid.  Though Jackie Chan was amazing, I am a penis-bearing man, and I don't cry at movies, especially ones with Kung Fu.  My buddy claims to this day that I was crying like a baby during the car smashing scene.  It was the PUNCTAL PLUGS!  Sorry, back on point, the thing they don't tell you about the punctal plugs is that they don't do anything for night time dryness.  Enter GenTeal drops.

I have tried every brand under the sun and the GenTeal drops are by far the best.  Visine will burn your eyeballs like fire if you put them in at night when your eyes are powder-dry.  GenTeal drops feel like a cooling oasis in a sandstorm.  You can get them in various viscosities so they stay in place and work longer during the night.  I use the moderate to severe, which is not as jelly-like as their most severe stuff, so it doesn't make you go blurry.  I use it right as I go to bed, once in the middle of the night, and first thing in the morning.  These little drops have made my life so much better, like manna from heaven.  I am also absolutely dependent on them.  I've had to use my wife's contact solution and those cheap water drops  a few times when traveling and quite honestly, I thought I was going to go blind.  I don't leave home without this stuff and the best part, they just started making some generics so you don't have to incur the high cost.  GenTeal drops are pretty expensive, but worth every penny.  I keep a minimum of 3 large bottles on hand at all times. 

I really have tried every brand under the sun and there isn't even a competitor to GenTeal drops.   They have made a bad situation bearable.  I hope nothing happens to this company because I need this product for the rest of my life.  I should be ok, as long as Obama doesn't threaten to take them away and force a run on the market like .22 ammo.  I don't think they have the same shelf life as gun powder so I am kind of at the mercy of the market as I can't really horde these.  Maybe I will buy a couple dozen just in case.  Without a doubt, these get 5 stars.   


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