Gun Control Review

I'm going to rewind a little bit, back to a simpler time.  I can remember a time when you could go to the store and actually purchase ammunition for a planned weekend at the range.  The prices seemed high, but there was inventory on the shelves.  I remember going to a local sporting goods store and spending some time at the gun counter checking out my "wish" list, handling the hardware, feeling the cold metal in my hands while chatting with the clerk about specs, range, and ballistics.  If the rare occasion happened that I had my wife's permission and the money for a purchase, I would have the store price-match after much bargain shopping for the best deal.  Those days are gone.  Yup, it was a different time and in my mind it seems like only yesterday.  In actuality, it was only 2-3 months ago, but as we all know from Airports and 9-11, things can change in the blink of an eye.

Now the ammo and guns are gone, though I hope temporarily.  Backorder lists indicate that if nothing happens legally, the manufacturers could catch up around Oct., but that date is getting extended every day.  The guns that remain on the shelf require a 2nd mortgage to purchase, far more inexperienced people have guns in their hands today than 3 months ago, and the hording of ammo and magazines has gone to levels  never before seen in history...all out of fear.  The geniuses on Capitol Hill think that the run on guns is due to people fearing another school shooting and thinking the only way to protect themselves is to get a gun.  What they fail to realize is that the fear has nothing to do with the psychos killing people, but rather the psychos exploiting children's deaths to push their political agendas.  The fear has to do with the politician's and media's threats that our very Bill of Rights hangs in the balance.  The problem is, these aren't just threats, there is a massive movement to change the fabric of this country, and in general, it is wrapped in an emotional lie.  This movement is what people fear. 

EVERY thinking person with Google can see that 100X more lives would be saved by banning Alcohol than guns.  450X more lives would be saved by banning Tobacco.  50X as many men, women, and children die from 2nd hand smoke annually (I won't even bring up the billions in medical costs associated with these).  Swimming pools kill as many kids.  Cars, dogs, hunger, and the sun are equal killers.  Please don't insult the millions of people that die every year from the previously mentioned reasons by saying Gun control is about saving lives.  They are just as dead and the manner of their death just as tragic.  Their families feel no less pain because a drunk driver killed their baby instead of a bullet.  This is a political agenda, plain and simple, by people that don't understand the 2nd amendment, have no understanding of history, and most importantly, hold themselves exempt from the very laws they are trying to create.  In the last week, I have had 3 separate conversations with well educated, thinking people that flat-out said the Bill of Rights was archaic and no longer applies.  That is what scares me.  The very people that burn flags, promote late-term abortion without an ultrasound, create images of the Virgin Mary out of Dung, and legalize marijuana by citing notions protected by the Bill of Rights are the same ones that say it is out dated and useless when something they don't value is attacked. 

To be frank, I tolerate your "madness" because I recognize that your rights cannot be infringed just because I don't agree with them.  For instance, you just legalized marijuana in a couple of states under the pretense that it is no more harmful than alcohol.  Under that very line of thinking, by legalizing it nationally, you would kill 100,000 more people from pot related deaths annually.  If it ends up being as bad as tobacco, that number could be multiplied by 5!  That is orders of magnitude worse than the death toll related to the perceived controllable gun deaths in the U.S. annually.  How can you logically agree with killing more people with one law than you are protecting with another, while simultaneously infringing on the explicit constitutional rights of 311 million people?  It doesn't add up.  Take a math class for Pete's sake....and you say I'm the heartless one by holding on to my guns in the wake of a school shooting? 

You guys are playing a dangerous game.  I'm a gun guy, so the over-reaching powers-that-be are after me today.  You should know that they are also looking at you.  Maybe you are a movie guy, game guy, party guy, or business guy.  When does it affect and scare you?  When they ban Rambo, Freddy, or Call of Duty?   Maybe they ban dance clubs and bars for the good of the masses.  What about that porn habit that gives millions carpal tunnel every year and exposed you to a "Dirty Sanchez" for the first time.  You know that wasn't good for anyone. What if they can't ban it by legislation but rather just tax it out of existence like your small business?  When does it affect you?  I realize that my words  are probably wasted here as I haven't starred in any sitcoms, had a hit record, or made any violent movies, but I'll go ahead and exercise this blogging right while it still exists and isn't yet taxed, which at the rate things are going, might not be very long.  I give the current gun control politicians and the people exploiting tragedy for political agendas a big fat  Zero Star rating.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."  -Ronald Reagan. 

Aside:  For both of my faithful followers, please note that this rant was an isolated event.  I will be back to self deprecation, fat jokes, and small penis references next week. 

"The only thing worse than seeing a man with a tiny penis is seeing a fat man with a tiny penis."  -Meatwad's Wife 2013.


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