Doggie Doo Game Review

A few weeks have passed since Christmas and now is the real time to see if that hard earned cash bought gifts that hold up.  What are the kiddos playing with several weeks later?  Well, I have to say that this year, one of the hits of Christmas in our home came from what was actually purchased as a gag gift for my 7 year old son. Yes, we actually laid out hard earned cash for the ridiculous Doggie Doo game from Goliath Games. 

The idea was brought to me by my son.  He saw the commercial for this game on the internet and then proceeded to show everyone in the family this commercial over and over.  He would laugh historically while we all watched in horror and said how gross it was. We probably watched the video 10 times in the months before Christmas and he kept teasing everyone that he was going to buy Doggie Doo for all of us as our presents.  So, we thought we would return the favor and actually get it for him.  Well the joke was on us, because it is his favorite gift this year. 

If you are unfamiliar with this monstrosity, it is basically a plastic dog with a hole bored from mouth to....tail.  You take a wad of slimy gunk and shove it in its mouth and then seal it up with a plastic bone.  The dog has a collar with a hand pump and you take turns rolling a die and pumping the handle.  Each pump moves the mess through the dog.  Now, as disgusting as this description is so far, the joy of this game comes less from the mess and more from the anal symphony created by the actual moving of the sludge.  You can enjoy the gurgling pops and blarps associated with troubled digestion.  You witness gaseous, diarrheic eruptions as you squeeze the handle.  Round and round it goes, until finally , you experience the culminating moment when they point the business end of that hound your direction, you pull the trigger.... and it drops a full-on, heaping duce, right there on the kitchen table in front of you.  First person to get shat on 3 times, WINS!

Please reserve judgment as I reiterate that this was a gag gift for little man.  After playing it 100 times though, it still leaves him in stitches.  He tries to double feed the dog for a "double-length log".  He falls on the ground laughing when his big sister (good sport that she is) gets plopped-on.  Everyone that plays with him is grossed out, but everyone is laughing.  Bathroom humor simply isn't lost on a 7 year old, and when he is giggling, everyone is giggling. 

If you wanted an education gift to sit on the shelf, this isn't for you.  If you are far too proper for fecal fun, then pass.  But if you have a little kid in the house, particularly a little boy, this game is a hit.  Just remember, if your plastic dog is prone to occasional constipation like ours, just feed him a little more gook and move it on through.  Fishing it out the other end, toy or not, is still considered a crime against nature.  Sicko.    


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