Chick-fil-A Restaurant Review

Let me first say that this is a review of Chick-fil-A the restaurant, not Chick-fil-A the political company or Chick-fil-A the moral representative of fast food chains everywhere.   That being said, I should give you a little of my background, lest you think me biased.  Like the vegan that eats fish, or the Hindu that eats chicken, I am a diehard conservative that thinks that the rights of a lovely 105lb, 22 year old, busty, brunette, with chocolate brown eyes, to chose to share her bed with her similarly fit college roommate should be preserved at all costs.  Not only should those rights be preserved, but the practice should be encouraged.... and placed in digital format so that others may witness the tenderness of their bond.  I'm with you my sisters, I feel as you feel.  I often think that I myself am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.  As for the hairy man beasts that like to traverse the sweaty thatch that covers their "partners" back, I don't get it.  You are offered a plate of lobster and a plate a dung, and you choose dung...scout camp must have been pretty bad.  Enough said.

So Chick-fil-A just moved into our town.  Two locations simultaneously to be precise, and the town is all abuzz with excitement.  It has been a month or so since they opened and the lines to this place are still ridiculous.  For incentive, they sent about 5000 coupons for free chicken sandwiches to my company alone.  No idea how many they sent out city wide.  Needless to say, my coworkers and I, cheap bastards that we are, grabbed our coupons and headed there for lunch.  The place was packed and the semicircle configuration of the registers did have people standing around a little confused.  Where's the lines?  Luckily, I had a protractor in my pocket, so I got in quickly and placed my order while 20 other morons stood there staring at one another trying to decide if they wanted chicken or chicken.  Chunks, strips, or fillet, it is all the same stuff.  No fancy toppings on the sandwich either, it is just chicken, sauce, and maybe a pickle chip or two.  They serve one thing, that's it.  Well, I have to say that their modest menu of all white meat chicken is utterly DELICIOUS.  It was great stuff.  On my three or so visits so far, I have tried most of the options on the menu and they were all juicy, hot, and tender.  Sauces were likewise tasty.  The KISS philosophy was executed here perfectly.  (Keep It Simple Stupid) 

I don't care one bit about their political agendas, though I do credit them for having some pretty major balls in a politically correct society where feeling carries far more weight than logic.  I love chicken.  They make great chicken and unlike KFC the last time I went there, they actually had chicken when I ordered it.  Keep up the good work guys, and if you want to bring politics into lunch, try explaining to people that taxing "rich" companies out of business creates fewer jobs, not more.  That seems to be another concept your average simpleton (and our current president) just don't seem to get.  


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