Ruger SR22 Rimfire Pistol Review

You know as well as I do that the Zombie Apocalypse is coming.  It isn’t a matter of if, it is a matter of when.  If you have read some of my other posts you know that after it happens I plan to lead a ruthless band of renegades that will rule the land by way of fear and tyranny.  Though, for this to happen as planned, I’ve got to prepare now.  For me to rise to the top of heap, I really need to master 5 things.
1)    I’ve got to a have an aw-inspiring name.  Meatwad just isn’t going to work when the limbs start dropping.  The Governor, Merrick, and Master-Blaster are all proven names, so why deviate?  I’ll go with Merrick.  Don't worry, people will never remember the movie references after they see a few loved ones get their faces eaten off.

2)    In a Zombie filled world, mechanic skills will be very hard to come by so a guy has got to be able to fix whatever gets broken.  Whether it is a flame thrower or a scooter, you've got to have some fixin' skills.  That being said, I rebuilt a T-top Trans Am back in ’94, so I should be good to go there.

3)    Hand-to-hand combat.  Again, if you have read my other reviews, you know that I love MMA and although I am the chubbiest one on the mat, I move my weight with the grace of of a chubby ballerina.  Plus, when food is in short supply, I’ll drop the LB’s quickly and will automatically be 2X better at fighting than I am now....which is 1.5X better than most.

4)    Heartless.  Besides my own family, I can’t afford to “feel” anything for you or your predicament.  I will likely be wearing a loin cloth and a satchel fashioned from something grotesque like human skin or ears.  Wearing other people’s skin just screams, this guy is not to be trifled with. I will also switch to cannibalism quickly. After spending a fair amount of time in China, eating what they eat, I am pretty much ready for that as well.

5)    Finally, Guns.  At first, before the ammo runs short on supply, being a “dead-eye” is going to count for a lot.  I’ve got some experience with rifles, but I really need to be a master of all kinds of guns, especially those tiny barreled hand guns that nobody can seem to shoot.  Of the 5 skills I need to master, this is the only one left that needs attention.  If I get this one locked down, I am sure  to become the Kingpin after “The Reaping” (as we will come to call it) begins.

So, if I must master handguns, and I am on a limited budget prior to my rule and reign, I will have to get some practice with something practical.  I headed into Sportsman’s Warehouse with exactly this thought when they handed me a Ruger SR22 Rimfire pistol and told me to give it a feel.  I held several guns before settling but kept coming back to this one as it felt great in my hand and had a really low price.  300 Bucks, out the door (on sale) and I was sold.

The magazines have 2 different bottoms and it comes with a a fatter grip option which you can install to give it a little larger feel, and I went with the slightly larger option.  The salesman touted that the slide was really light and would cycle any kind of ammo which was a big seller to me.  Other than that, the tear down is super easy, action felt good, and it was comfortable to aim.  I don’t really know enough about hand guns to tell you more.  It does come with 2 magazines and a soft case.

I took it out to the range, and by range I mean a small bowl in the desert where rednecks drop off old appliances, and put about 300 rounds through it without a jam.  When you load the magazines, the ammo doesn’t sit in there very straight and looks like it would be a problem, but it cycles just fine.  I used at least 3 kinds of cheap, ancient ammo and only had one instance of a “no feed”.

Like I said before, I am fairly unknowledgeable and quite unskilled with hand guns, but after a few hundred rounds, I was hitting the targets pretty well.  Since then, I have been out shooting a couple more times and after spending $20 on 3 measly clips worth of .40 cal, I then drop $9 on 300 rounds of .22 and have a blast for the rest of the time.  I did grab 2 more magazines for it, which were $30 each, because I like to spend time shooting instead of loading.  The magazines do have thumb assists, so your fingers aren’t black and aching by the time you are done either.  All around, I anticipate shooting this 100X more than my $800 .40 cal Sig, which I love, but can’t afford to shoot.

I know my buddy, who happens to be a police officer, will kill me for saying this or for even buying a Ruger pistol, but this is one of my favorite guns and it has worked flawlessly so far.  For practice or a plinker, I even pick this over my Browing Buckmark.  This is a great little gun.  At this rate, I will be ready for the appocolypse next month.  I better start sewing up that loin cloth.


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