Church Basketball Quick Hits Review

I know you want to punch these guys in the face...it's OK.  We all do.

The most foul-mouthed blood bath you will ever witness.  All that pent up sexual frustration spews out on the court like the fat kid on “Stand By Me”.  1 star.

Oh Church basketball...how do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways:  "Over-the-hill dude who played high school basketball re-living the old days" guy?  "I have 24 fouls, and I'm going to use them all" guy?  "Copious amounts of back-sweat and back-hair and refuse to wear a shirt" guy?  How about "Player-coach yell at everybody" guy?  And then their families come to watch?  It's like the hunger games.
I cannot endorse this worthless past-time.  Church basketball doesn't even pass muster on Rule #1 of the court -- No bald basketball players.  0 stars.

Reenacting the crusades since 1954. 0 stars.

We're going to "round down" here...and give Church basketball a zero star rating.


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