Tenacious D - Rize of the Fenix Review

Finally, after the dismal failure of Tenacious D’ s 2nd album, “The Pick of Destiny”, which still lays stagnant and unheard even in a world of rampant music piracy, The D rides again.  Yes TPD, as I’ve come call it, was so bad that people wouldn’t even steal it digitally.  Sure it had some mondo riffs and vile content, but the jokes were really no different than the first album, just way less funny.  It was all recycled material.  I am a psycho fan, but even I puked a little in my mouth when I first heard “Baby Sass” on a psychedelic river.  The movie made things way worse when they put a face to Baby Sass and dressed up Jack like an oversized Ewok.   Wow, that was bad.  Needless to say, I was tentative at best when I got the new album “Rize of the Fenix”.  Truth be told, at this point, I’ve listened to it about 4 times and I have to say that I am thoroughly amused.  
This is a joke album like them all, but it has some nice musical tributes.  Don’t let that monstrous penis on the cover throw you.  You can hear some Bruce, some Neil, and little snippets of probably 5 different musical eras on this album.  The content is as vile as ever so please don’t listen if you have ever turned Tosh.O off in disgust.  I’m also a big fan of the between-song comic skit.  “Inward singing”, “One note song”, and “The Drive Through” from the first album still make me laugh out loud and I have heard them at least 1000 times.  They put a couple of those skits on this album too and although they may not quite hit the mark like the old ones, I did giggle and do a high clap when I listened to the ones about the flute vs. the trombone and the music lessons.  You like self deprecating humor?  Who doesn’t?  This album is all about that, they make fun of themselves more than anyone and I admire that quality in a fat man.  I also love the fact that they aren’t afraid of their 80’s influences and don’t mind throwing down a kick-ass, face-melting guitar solo or two.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that they picked up a little drummer by the name of DAVE GROHL for this album!  Yeah, thought you would like that.  

This probably isn’t a music game changer like Nirvana’s Nevermind, and if you are a music snob like Matt, you probably won’t even give it a listen for fear of losing some of your Indi-Cred.  Nevertheless, if you are soulless like me, a fan of bad accents, dirty jokes, and laser beams, you will probably enjoy this album immensely.  You should also look up a couple of their videos from this album online.  Rize is comic gold and Roadie will make you wee, then pee.

To quote a particularly touching stanza from their song “39”:
There she is, not too bad, good enough
39 year-old lady, young enough for me
Boobies droopin', but she's good enough for me

‘Nuff said….I give "Rize of the Fenix" 4 stars....... so go ahead and keep that “D” tattoo.


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