Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Original Cheese Quick Hits Review

Cheese you can stick in your pocket?  I'm in.  Despite the hockey puck appearance and creepy red wrapper, this cheese is quite good.  I did feel like a fancy lad purchasing wrapped cheeses in a mesh bag though.  Added bonus---only 70 calories per puck.  Slap shot to my mouth.  5 stars!

Delicious and seductive.  You peel off the wax wrapper and see the silky white flesh underneath, slowly exposing more of the milky treat.  Low cal and delish but I’ll drop one star for cost.  4 stars.

The cow’s laughing because it pooped a little in the milk pail.  Cheese is cheese and there’s nothing special about this brand.  3 Stars.

Quick Hits Average of 4 stars!!


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