Spot Shot Carpet & Stain Eliminator Review

A few months ago my wife and I were asked to babysit (dogsit?) a couple of dogs for a weekend. I have often wondered what Hell will be like when I get there, and now I have a taste. There are few sounds more grating than little "yips!" from small dogs, and those who have been in my situation know that it isn't just a few times a day that dogs will have ADHD outbursts of yipping, it's everytime a car drives by or every time they hear another barking dog miles away.

Whenever someone asks you to watch their dog(s) they should assure you that even if you do your best to let them outside for potty time every hour, there will be an average of 1 turd on the carpet per day from each dog. Those are just the facts, I can't argue with statistics.

This is where the Spot Shot comes in to play. Carpet has a knack for holding onto whatever is digusting and assimilating itself to that particular color. I have had my share of spills in days past and I still do not know what the proper method is for cleaning a spill/stain. Should I soak it up first? Do I drown it and then soak it up? Should I move the couch over the new stain? These are questions I deal with.

I think of Spot Shot as a safety blanket. Even when you've completely soaked half of your living room and the Coke you spilled seems to multiply throughout your beige carpet fibers, all is not lost. Just spray the Spot Shot right onto the stain, let it sit and voila (do people say that outside of infomercials?) the original color returns, mostly. It does take a lot of work still, I definitely scrub the area I just sprayed but I'm willing to do it to remove my Fanta Red Cream Soda mistake.

Spot Shot advertises right on the bottle that it is the instant carpet stain and odor ELIMINATOR!!! They didn't use that many exclamation points but you get the idea. I wouldn't say it's an instant stain remover, but thank the heavens, it immediately gets rid of the dog urine/feces smell. We all know that cat and dog urine haunt homes for generations and have been known to scare off the toughest exorcists. I love Spot Shot for erasing the pungent sour smell known to so many crazy cat ladies.

You know what else Spot Shot works on? Kids! Yeah, that's right! Children.

My daughter is potty training right now and she is to the point that she knows when a lot of bowel pressure is coming. The other day she made it to her potty and I couldn't have been a happier parent. But after I wiped her down and started to dump the contents into the larger toilet, I heard her say "Uh Oh!" Well it turns out that she wasn't quite done and left a few drops on the carpet in the hallway. TMI you say? If you think so, then surely you are new to Review Spew. Well, I thought that using her wipes on the carpet would do the trick but there was still a dark patch on the carpet. Then I thought of the two annoying dogs yipping constantly crapping on my floor and "Spot Shot" came to my mind. I immediately sprayed it thoroughly and let it sit before wiping it up again.

Is this the right way to use Spot Shot? I'm not sure. But no one is the wiser. And if that doesn't work I could just pour Coke on the stain, apparently that stuff melts anything...

Spot Shot gets 5 stars from me for getting me out of jams and for keeping the resale value of my house high due to the lack of dog pee smell.


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