PS3 Wireless Headset review

I hate to make this comparison, but I'd say I'm the Amanda Bynes of Review Spew. I felt that it was okay to retire at a young age and ride off into the sunset. The only problem is, Amanda Bynes never did much worthwhile while she was acting. (I have a feeling many of you may be asking who she even is.) There comes a time when every former Disney star needs to hit rock bottom, get a DUI, and decide to come back to acting. Consider this my return.
So a few months back I started researching home entertainment headphones compatible with my PS3. Now, why would anyone want to wear large headphones in the privacy of their own living room. Well, let's just say that my daughter goes to bed but is a light sleeper, in turn, I have become very accustomed to using subtitles with every Netflix show I watch. Yes, you heard that right. Subtitles for movies that aren't even foreign to start with. The second reason is that I just got a copy of the game Dead Space 2, which has been heralded as "the scariest game of all time!" Well how scary is a game supposed to be on low volume? Not scary at all, why do you think girls plug their ears during scary movies.
I did my research and immediately focused on Turtle Beach headphones. There were a few things that stopped me from purchasing them, including the fact that there are like 19 different versions and variations on the same theme. Should I get the PX, P90X, MX300, Super Soaker 2000, I just couldn't decide. The more I researched this, the more people I found who owned Turtle Beach headphones. The majority of these people were Xbox gamers who played Call of Duty in a fundamentalist religious fashion. After hearing rave reviews about Turtle Beach, I checked out some youtube reviews. Good thing I did, because I saw that there were around 37 different connections and a 12 foot wire that I'd still have to drape across the room. The only wireless headset for Turtle Beach is over $200. You see, I was in the market for completely wireless headphones and my price range was closer to $120.
I then saw the Sony headset. I wasn't in love with the look at first. They are bulky looking and add several inches to my already oversized cranium. But at a price tag of $99, I took a risk. I'm glad I did, There is a cushion around the entire plastic strap. The actual earphones themselves are very comfortable. The best part of all is that all it takes for them to work is a USB drive and you've got wireless action ready to go. The pros of this headset is 7.1 surround sound, a retractable microphone just in case you want to play Call of Duty and swear at 15 year olds, and volume control right on the earpiece.
There is one negative. I feel like a mega-nerd wearing an antenna on my head, especially when my wife comes into the room and rolls her eyes at my appearance. My recommendation, forget the cords. Buy these for your PS3 or Mac/PC.
As a side note, I have started watching Band of Brothers with these and my life is changed. I can hear bullets flying past my left and right. Also, it's true what "they" say, With the headset on, Dead Space 2 is the scariest game ever made. 5 Stars.


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