Got Milk! Chocolate Magic Milk Straws Quick Hits Review

How did that Mary Poppins song go?  A spoonful of sugar helps the milk go down?  No that wasn’t it at all.  This is the most insulting product to come down the pike since pixy sticks got us to consume pure sugar by the stick full. 0 Stars

I decided to try the straws with some other liquids.
Mt Dew -- Fail
Tab -- choking...hacking
OJ -- So gross
Red Bull -- Surprisingly better than OJ
Kahlua and Milk -- Score
2 stars just for the unique idea.

These don't work at all.  You have to hold your sip half way up the straw to get any kind of flavor.  This was fun for about 3 sec. before I realized that I only tasted the milk.  1 star….just buy some Quik, you lazy bastard.

Quick Hits Average of 1 star. :(


Anonymous said...

Those things were around in the 50's (Sheesh, I can't believe I remember that). They were just as bad then.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are worthless!! Where is the review?! Why doesnt it work? why did you decided to try it with things its not recommeneded for your the idiot! You are all just an insult to men everywhere because I have read everywhere about these and I have not found such a horrible "review" since you didnt give one!! And these actually came out 2 or 3 years ago not in the 50's mr. I have no idea what the hell im talking about so I'm gonna talk about the stupid horrid sippah straws that I can't even think of. Those were bad and thats why they are illegal!

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