Digiorno Pizza & Wyngz Pepperoni with Buffalo Quick Hits Review

Pizza and wings. Those are the two sweetest words known to anyone with testosterone. They are so beloved because they are so simple. It is nearly impossible to ruin either one. I said nearly impossible because Digiorno has managed to do the unthinkable. The pizza is edible if you're hungry, but the wyngz are spelled so because they are nothing of the sort. If you want a facsimile just order chicken nuggets and moisten them in a mediocre sauce. 0 stars

Sorry, there’s just something downright obscene about Digiorno’s rising dough.  I don’t need my pizza acting like a 15 year old boy in math class when it’s game day and the cheerleaders are all in uniform.  1 star

Way overrated, nothing like delivery.  Wangs ain't bad, but I'd take Papa Murphy's any day if I wanted to cook it myself. 2 stars

If you're really hungry and consume this entire package, it will set you back a cool 2k calories and about 7 bucks.  A small price to pay for greasy deliciousness.  4 Stars.

Quick Hits Average of 1.75 Stars!


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