Break.com Website Quick Hits Review

 Love the pics even more than the vids.  Next to "The People of Walmart" this is my go-to site for humorous pics of the over-sized and under-privileged.  Makes me feel much better about myself. 5 stars.

Definitely a site I would never care to waste time on when i'm at home. (I'd rather visit reviewspew.com) But at work there is hardly a better time waster. Just remember to stay away from nsfw. 4 stars.

The funniest site that I'd never admit to visiting.  The mobile app is actually much better and easier to navigate than the classic website--which is far too busy for an old man like me.  (Ads, videos, links, etc)    I remember the good old days of break--just funny pictures and topless girls.  3 Stars.

Never been here but an entire website dedicated to Kit Kat Candy Bars sounds very good to me.  4 Stars.

Quick Hits average of 4 Stars!!


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