Tweezerman Tweezers Review

It's the little things that drive me mad these days.  The pair of scissors in the drawer that won't cut paper, yet no one can  bring themselves to throw them in the trash.  The 40 ballpoint pens that you find throughout the house, none of which work, yet people put them back in the drawer.   The rounded tip screwdriver that seemed like a bargain when you picked it out of the 99 cent bin, but in the long run, cost you hours of frustration and likewise stripped dozens of screws.   The pair of tweezers that can neither pull a sliver, or fish out an ingrown hair.  Over and over you dig, pull, and twist trying to yank a tiny splinter from your foot but ultimately resort to your wife's good kitchen knife to finish the job.  You know, the one you also used in place of that cheap screwdriver previously mentioned.  

Well, I've had enough.  After ten years as an engineer, I am financially secure and  determined enough to state that exactly one of these peeves has got to change. (You have got to start somewhere.)  I decided to invest both the time and money to find a fine quality product that actually works, and continues to work when I need it.  After weighing the options, I decided that the tweezers win.  Slivers and bee stings, eyebrows and nose hairs, these painful predicaments will have no more power in my household.  I set out to find the perfect pair, and indeed I did.  

Not surprisingly, there are tons of worthless tweezers to be found, most of which are already in my wife's vanity drawer.  I tried out several that were locally bought and found that none of these had the precision tip or alignment that I was after.  After several failures, I was thinking medical surplus looking for something surgical grade when I ran a search through Amazon.com and found Tweezerman Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze.  Ten bucks, and two days later with Amazon Prime and I beheld a thing of beauty.  These tweezers are beautiful.  They are super sharp, super precise, and have a comfortable rubberized grip.  They come in a re-closeable plastic package that I still keep them in today, and also have a protective plastic sleeve for the tips.  

Not much left to say, done deal, problem solved.  They even have a lifetime warranty for sharpening.  Like anyone would send back a $10 item to have sharpened, but I appreciate the thought.  Please note that I keep these away from the family.  These are mine, and I hold them dear.  I have a special place for them that nobody knows about and the only time my family saw them was when my six year old stepped on a bee.  I ran inside and came back to the rescue with a perfectly-precise, stinger removal tool.  With great power, comes great responsibility.

As a side note, these are needlepoint so you won't need to dig in your hand with a pin to get out a sliver, but you also won't be able to pluck Scorsese type brows with this either. The fine points are great for precision hair removal, not for trimmin' turf.  Needless to say, I am tickled with an item that works just  as advertised, which is extremely rare these days.  Well done, Tweezerman.  In another 10 years...Maybe I'll start looking for a decent ball point pen. 


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