TowerHobbies.com Website Quick Hits Review

This site hasn't been updated in 5 years.  It has great products for power nerds like myself, but is horrible to navigate.  Maybe I should try to browse with Netscape Navigator 3.0 and see how it works.  3 stars.

A site truly meant for the adult children who love their remote control cars. I was always envious because I never got one for Christmas. I've heard that remote control hobbies are the new thing for pre-mid-life crises'. One can spend over two grand on one of these things. No thanks. I'll stick with my model planes. 1 star.

I hate this site.  Why?  Because somehow I became wrapped up in the RC hobby and dropped high percentages of my paycheck towards these money pits.  Every time you go out driving an RC car, it ends up with broken parts...and you need to make a visit to Tower Hobbies.  I've spent hundreds of dollars there feeding my RC car/plane/heli/truck/ habit.  Plus, they have EVERYTHING!  I suggest never getting into RC cars unless you are personally pictured in no less than 3 posts on peopleofwalmart.com  4 stars just because of my addiction.

I wondered what happened to Tower Records.  3 stars.

Quick Hits Average Rating of 2.75 Stars!!


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