Smashburger Fresh Mex Burger Review

I have a mental list that comprises the hierarchy of hamburger restaurants.  They are grouped as follows in ascending order.

Sludge Huts -- These are those sheds that look like Cappuccino drive-through's that somehow qualified for a food handler permit and now serve burgers and watered down Pepsi.  (See Central Park, Shake Shack, Checkers, Good Times, etc)
No-taste Burger factories -- Burger King, Wendy's, McDonald's, etc.  There is nothing worth remembering about any of these burgers except the ones that cause stomach pain.
At least you won't get diarrhea -- They've aimed a little higher than the rest, and are worth paying a little more. (See In 'n Out, Carls Jr)
High-Class Burgers -- Like strippers, you get what you pay for.  Places like Smashburger, 5 guys, and Tony's burger put out a superior product and also charge a premium price.  This type of restaurant has filled a void in my life and created a bulge in my waistline.

Smashburger and 5 guys are continually fighting for my allegiance.  5 Guys has the best customizable burger.  It is always well put together, and the meat is high quality.  Their fries are much better as well.
Like my wife, Smashburger has delicious buns.  Their meat is sometimes greasy, and the toppings fairly bland.  The fries are very forgettable.
Based on recent experiences, I have strayed from Smashburger.  When I spend 11 bucks on lunch, I expect a fantastic experience and maybe a happy ending or a mint.  Smashburger was letting me down on all fronts.  I had cut my visits drastically.

As I am a member of the Smash club, they send me their promotional offerings via e-mail roughly 7x a day.  I generally ignore them, but a recent new burger caught my eye.  The Fresh Mex Burger.
This scrumptious-looking sandwich has 100 percent Certified Angus Beef --topped with fresh avocado, chopped cilantro, onions, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and spicy chipotle mayo on a Mexican roll, served with a wedge of lime.  Ole!!

I headed down to Smash and settled in with a Fresh Mex burger and high expectations.  I can absolutely say that Smashburger did not disappoint.  This is there best menu item BY FAR!!  The abundance of vegetables is amazing and I wasn't even creeped out by the mention of mayo on the burger.  Usually mayo is only disbursed in amounts measured by the 1/2 cup.  Smashburger put just the right amount on the burger.  The avacado slices are thick and fresh and the cilantro gives just a little pep. (Side note--you can also order this with grilled or fried chicken.  Yeah right...go to SmashBURGER and order chicken.  And on the way home you can stop at IHOP and get a steak)

I can honestly say that I am back on team Smashburger.  Unfortunately, this burger is only being offered until April 29th, so you better head down there quickly.  It's worth the drive...and the 11 bucks. (with drink/side)
If you check out Smashburger’s Facebook Page you can sign up to receive a coupon for a FREE entree with the purchase of the new Fresh Mex Burger or Chicken Sandwich.
5 mucho gusto stars for this delicious burger experience.


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