Starburst Flavor Morph Chews Quick Hits Review

Their ad says “Change never tasted so good”.  Who the hell wants change?  If I eat an orange Starburst, that damn thing better stay orange or I’m gonna kick it’s angst-ridden little arse.  Change is for liberals and hippies, not me or my candy.  0 Stars.

Flavored candle wax.  The old wax lips at least told you they were wax.  The pink ones are tolerable, the rest are not.  People who like these probably like Smarties too. Gross. 1 star.

I'd give these Starburst 5 stars if all of the flavors/colors turned to pink when they morphed. Let's be honest, pink is everyone's favorite flavor. Is pink a flavor? It is now. Personally I can't eat more than 3 Starbursts anymore, I swear my saliva becomes acidic when mixed with any Starburst, especially yellow. 3 stars.

While the taste is OK, the little "flavor bubbles" which cause the chews to change flavors really creep me out.  I don't want crunchy things in my chews.  Fact:  While most people say candy is better when you put it in the freezer, Starburst's do not fall into this category. 3 Stars

Quick Hits Average of 1.75 Stars!!


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