Smashfries (Garlic and Herbs) Quick Hits Review

Herbs and Garlic?  What do I order with it, bangers and mash?  I don't have a cockney accent, I brush my teeth regularly, and I don't like my lunch wrapped in newspaper.  Give me ketchup or give me death.  1 star.

Can either be 5 stars or 0 stars depending on the temperature. When eaten hot and dipped in bbq sauce there is truly nothing better, but if they are not devoured within 2 minutes of being made they taste like chalk and thyme. At a price of nearly 3 dollars for the fries they'll take a star hit there too. 3 stars.

Great idea...Let's pour oil all over our fries after we just got done cooking them in oil.  Actually...It's a great idea, and they're delicious.  Plus, you can dip your fries in the extra 1/2 inch of oil that pools up in the paper at the bottom of the fry pile.  It's a win-win.  4 stars.

Who knew that Rosemary, Garlic, and vats of oil would be so good with these fries?  My only complaint is that you can't "super-size" the order.  4 stars.

Quick Hits Average Star rating of 3 Stars!!


papel1 said...

Those fries look delicious. I am sure they taste better than the ones I oven cook. Lets have a little greasy oil.

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