Little Debbie chocolate Chip Brownies Quick Hits Review

The only redeeming quality of a Little Debbie snack, is the fact that every "treat" in the box comes in its own little wrapper...like a little present.  Then you get to open them, and taste mediocrity at its best.  It's like a disappointing Christmas morning every time you open the box.  These brownies hold true to Little Debbie form.  Wax-like, fake chocolate, and a enough sugar to keep the cane fields in Louisiana employed for years to come.  1 Star.

Yeah buddy.  Any way you can pack more choco into a brownie is fine by me.  4 stars.

I don’t eat chocolate but I can’t be mean to a cute redhead, even if she’s animated.  Little Debbie and her chocolate chip brownies get 4 stars.

These brownies get a Quick Hits average rating of 3 Stars!!


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