Jalapeno Jack Sun Chips Quick Hits Review

This is the perfect chip.  I can convince myself that I'm eating something healthy, even though Sun Chips are just as fatty as Lay's.  Plus, my kids won't touch these because they're too spicy, so the bag lasts longer than 3 hours.  I think I might try these with milk in the morning...they're that good.  5 stars.

Sun Chips, the wholesome seventh day Adventists of the chip world, have decided to pursue the dangerous life of jalapeno flavors. I often can't resist eating anything spicy, but most jalapeno chips end up tasting of hot salt. Thank goodness the experts at Sun Chips have decided to mix that spicy flavor with a good dose of cheese powder. Next time I go to subway I'm grabbing another bag. 4 stars.

 I really wanted to like these but they are so disgusting. It was like eating spicy sandpaper pieces.  0 Stars.

Might as well be chewing glass for what these do to my gums.  Yeah, I have sensitive gums.  Cut them up and then shove spicy peppers into the wound.  Perfect combo.  2 stars.

Quick Hits Average of 2.75 Stars.


Unknown said...

I definitely going to have to try those they look yummmy :D

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