Hershey's Air Delight Chocolate Bar Quick Hits Review

Who doesn't want their candy bars to look like a sponge? I would normally never actually purchase a Hershey's bar of any sort, but curiosity got the best of me. Somehow this chocolate bar tastes less plastic and is somehow more creamy than a regular Hershey's bar. 4 stars.

It’s impressive how Hershey has made their chocolate even less chocolate.  They’ve reached the end of what wax additives can do, now they’re pumping them full of air.  0 stars.

People only buy Hershey's chocolate bars for one reason--Smore's.  And these do not pass the "Smore's test."  They don't have an even "melt" on the graham crackers.  Plus it makes me think that I'm getting less for my money with all the air holes.  I won't just stick any old thing in my mouth. (unless the right amount of money is involved)  0 stars.

It’s like carbonated chocolate.  Delicious. 4 stars.

Quick Hits average of 2 stars!!


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