Doritos DINAMITA Nacho Picoso Rolled Flavored Tortilla Chips Review

Doritos are the devil.  I lay the blame for my blobular mid-section directly at their feet.  Mainly for creating the most synergistic concoction ever when mixing Mtn Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos.  Tests have shown that men will refuse sex when presented with these 2 food items and a DVD of "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome."  Tests have also shown that women will refuse to have sex with the men who just ate a bag of Doritos and a Mtn Dew.  I have also conducted further tests also show that a wife will refuse to have sex with their husband for no reason at all.

I generally don't purchase Doritos because they are too delicious.  I'll sit down and open a new bag, and 15 minutes later the bag is half empty, and I'll have a cheesy goo crusted ring around the edges of my mouth and feel a little sleepy.  A normal man shouldn't eat 8 servings of Doritos in one sitting.  (I'm not a normal man)

Now Doritos has created the "taquito chip."  They roll their chips up into little cylinders of goodness and flavor.  This is beneficial for all for a few reasons:
You can now fit 40% more Doritos in your mouth at a time.
The rolls can be used to suck up sour cream or guacamole like a straw.
After eating an entire bag, you can wallow in self-pity by playing a sad tune with these chips.  You can use them like a little chip trombone.
You can stuff the entire chip tube full of nacho cheese filling and serve them as an appetizer while you watch "The Bachelor" with your friends.

Now take these wonderful rolls, and imbue them with a perfect combination of the original nacho cheese flavoring and hot peppers.  Call it Nacho Picoso and watch me gain 6 pounds instantly.
By the way, I was curious what the translation of picoso was.  I've discovered it's either "spicy, hot", or "pitted with the small pox."  I hope you've all been vaccinated before eating these...just in case.

The spicy cheese flavoring mixed with the hot pepper taste is intoxicating.  Coupled with a highly carbonated beverage of your choice and when viewing the Blu-Ray limited edition of Waterworld, you would have the perfect evening.
I highly recommend these chips.  I bet you can't eat just one. (bag that is)
5 nacho cheesy stars.  Dinamita!


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