Subway Bacon Egg and Cheese Flat-bread Sandwich Quick Hits Review

Everything is better on flat-bread, including breakfast at Subway.  Why go leaven when thoust can go unleavened.  At least that’s what my Rabbi used to always say.  4 Stars.

Subway bacon egg and cheese flat-bread sandwich - Nope, not on my watch.  Can't do it.  I'll leave this one to the bulkier staff members.  Matt?

This is the holy trinity of breakfast sandwich toppings  Luckily, Subway does it right with this pita-filled menage a trois.  I usually order 2, and tell the sandwich artisans that the second is for my wife as they give me "why not order 3...fat guy" looks from over the counter.  4 stars.

I don't feel that I'm getting a true "Subway value" with this sandwich, as I can't backfill the bread with a 90% ratio of lettuce/meat.  Plus, I am addicted to McGriddles.  1 Star

A Quick Hits average score of 3 stars. (for the 3 reviewers who would actually try it)



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