Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues Quick Hits Review

Real men could use 40-grit sandpaper to wipe their nose, but if you’re a fancy lad I could see why this would be appealing.  3 stars

Tissues are a luxury at my house. If anyone in my family were to get a runny/bloody nose they would run to the bathroom and use some good old fashioned 2 ply toilet paper. Though my 2 year old had a cold recently, and the toilet paper was giving her a rash and giving her a lifelong dislike for wiping her nose, so I bought some of these. She was instantly grateful that it was the furthest thing from sandpaper. For kids I would absolutely recommend them. They smelled a little funny for my taste but the relief is worth it. 4 stars.

My red, sensitive nose can use all the soothing coolness it can get.  Thank you Kleenex for continuing to push the envelope of tissue technology.  4 stars.

As I'm currently nursing a cold, I say Hallelujah for Kleenex cool touch tissues!  Rather than coat my chest, neck, lips and nasal passages with Mentholatum to clear my sinuses, Kleenex has rolled this job into the same step with a hearty mucus blow.  Thanks Kleenex.  5 stars

Quick Hits average of 4 Stars!!


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