Talking Tom cat Free Phone App Quick Hits Review

   The kids love this..and I giggle at it too.  I particularly like slugging the cat in the guts and watching him choke back his puke.  Funny stuff. 4 stars.


   Multiple well-placed ads negate this brilliant concept.  I need this to entertain my kids on long drives.  Give phone to kid...let kid punch cat and have him imitate their voices.  Instead it's a cacophony of them saying "what's this?" as an ad pops up due to their errant clicking. (The free version anyway.  Who pays for apps?)     1 Star


   There are only 2 reasons to have this app. First, it's free. Second, if you have kids who are amazed that a creepy cat/dog/parrot, repeats exactly what they say. Oh wait, I found a third reason for this app, you can say the most vulgar words in the English language and have an average housepet mimic you. Even with this newfound fun, I'm only giving it 2 stars...Because, well, it's free.

As I still use a Motorola Razr from 2004, I had to download this game to my PC and play it with a mouse.  It must be fun on a touch-screen phone that has a built-in microphone, because I was bored after roughly 30 seconds.  Now, if they had a Talking Tom Cruise for the PC, I'd be interested.  1 Star.

Quick Hits Average of 2 Stars.


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