McDonald's Daily Double Review

Went to McDonalds the other day prepared to order my usual. There are 3 usuals for me there: 1) 20 Piece Chicken Nuggets, Large Fry and about 10 sauces and Coke. 2) Angus Mushroom and Swiss, Large Fry and Coke. 3) 2 Double Cheeseburger, 1 McChicken, 1 Small Fry and water. Anyway, I’m in line and notice the new Daily Double. To me it looked like their McDouble but with tomato and lettuce and it just looked and sounded good to me. I ordered 2 of them, a large fry and a water cup.

I sat down and watched some Headline News on their biggest screen and waiting for my food. On that note, it sure seems strange how McDonalds now has more of an airport lounge feel than a restaurant feel. Don’t you think? I think that show Super-size Me has plunged McDonalds into some sort of identity crisis or something. They can’t decide if they’re a burger joint that caters to the kiddies, a premium diner that caters to the business set or a juice bar catering to the health nuts. But I digress.

The food comes, I fill my water cup, serve up 5 tiny cups of ketchup and return to my seat. A few fries go down to pave the way for this awesome looking burger. And it is a nice looking hamburger. Rarely does a burger come out looking like it’s picture on the wall, but both of mine looked really good and I began to salivate.

What we have with the Daily Double is their ordinary plain bun, 2 beef patties, 1 slice of cheese, a slice of tomato, slivered onions, lettuce and mayonnaise. I take a bite, a second bite, a third. Watch some news, eat some fries, slurp down some water, take another bite and then with only a bite or two left it occurs to me: This burger is completely devoid of any flavor whatsoever. Thinking I must be wrong, I finished the burger determine to see if my thought was correct. It was. With the exception of biting into an occasional onion, there was not one ounce of taste to it.

I think I’m not adequately explaining myself here. You could not taste any cheese, despite the presence of cheese. You could not taste beef, despite the presence of what appeared to be 2 beef patties. Neither could you taste mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce or bread. Except for the aforementioned bite or two of onion there was nothing.

I’m not sure how they did it. This is a McDouble with tomato and lettuce and the McDouble taste pretty darn good. So what happened with this burger. My lunch companion had ordered one as well and completely agreed with my conclusion on this. The burger was so empty that I wasn’t even going to review it until I was a driving home a few days later and saw the billboard advertising it. The caption read (in 3 foot high letters) “Daily Double - Twice The Taste”. It’s as if they were begging for it, so here it is.

The Daily Double is not worth the effort to chew it. Sucking on the end of your car’s tailpipe, although unpleasant, will provide a more flavorful experience. From first bite to last bite, it leaves the consumer feeling as though they are doing nothing but gnashing their teeth on thin air. “Twice the Taste” they say? Let me remind McDonalds and warn all of you that 2 times 0 = 0. They could honestly and ethically call it 10 Bagillion Times the Taste and it wouldn’t make any difference.

I give the McDonald’s Daily Double 1 star because it didn’t kill me. How could it? There was nothing there. I hope McDonald’s figures out what it wants to be pretty quick before they find themselves no longer the giant that they currently are.


Matt said...

I'd like to be present when you attempt to eat your regular #1. That seems improbable to finish.

For giggles, I looked up the nutrition information on this meal. Not too shabby--2250 calories. (85grams of fat) This assumes 10 actual sauces packets...which I don't believe. No McDonald's worker will ever give me more than 2.

ted said...

I totally agree. The burger was absolutely tasteless, no taste of anything!!! The advertisements are so misleading. I hope they admit it is a LOSER.

JustJim said...

Ted, thanks for your input. I've talked to dozens of people who have all said the same thing. It's McD's thought process that concerns me. How could they let this slip by them?

Anonymous said...

I tried it the other day an love it....they should add big mac sauce instead of mayo though like Big Boy does with their new Primetime burger which I also adore

JustJim said...

Jessie, do you perhaps put ketchup on tacos and steaks? Just wondering because this is the most flavorless burger ever, yet you love it. It leads me to believe that perhaps your idea of flavorful is quite different than mine. I mean that's fine. I'm really glad you liked it. At least you dont' feel robbed like the rest of us.

Josh said...

Here it is, 8 months after this review was written, when I randomly decided to look up a review just to see if anyone had the same assessment I had of this burger.

This review couldn't more closely mirror my thoughts!

So, as I sit here eating this burger for about the 50th time, I am wondering to myself, 'why have I continued to buy this burger when I was so unimpressed from the very first day?'

Here's my best answer: $3.99.

Sorry, I can't justify paying $5.59 (or $6.10) for a Big Mac meal. Not sure when the prices got jacked up but I remember when the Big Mac meal was a quasi-reasonable $4.99. But, this... this thing that I can somehow justify calling a meal because it has an "entree" (not like buying a Popcorn Chicken meal --- Popcorn Chicken is no entree! Sorry, can't do that either!) actually has a 3 in the price.

Don't worry, it sounds really pathetic to me too.

JustJim said...

Josh, I hate to do this to somebody who is agreeing with me, but I have a footlong turd-steak on a moldy piece of bread I'll sell you for only 99 Cents. Now that's a deal you can sink your teeth into. Dude, sometimes it's better to go hungry than to keep wasting your money on filth. This burger is not worth your hard-earned money.

Anonymous said...

Bigmac Wednesday Bigmac meal for $3.99

Anonymous said...

I work at McDonalds and it's the funniest thing ever when someone orders a daily double plain. Makes my day every time.

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