Februany Subway 5 Dollar Footlong Quick Hits Review

I firmly believe that no sub should be priced over $5 dollars at any time at Subway. Though I'm happy that Subway celebrates black history month by letting me get a sandwich other than the meatball marinara for a Lincoln. A word of warning though, as good as their chicken sandwiches may look, do not dare order them for threat of a chewy bouncy ball marinated in teriyaki sauce. $5 is a decent price for a filling meal. 5 dollars, 5 stars.

The 5 dollar footlong deal is worthless to me as all the sandwiches taste the same at Subway.  When the percentage of meat to lettuce is 5%, there isn't much to enjoy.  Plus they choose the shortest month to offer this?  At least there are only 28 days that I have to hear that terribly annoying "5-dollar footlong" commercial.  1 star.

 Mouthing a footlong is so much better at 2/3 the price.  When everyone else is raising prices, Subway drops them.  Major props!
5 stars.

Kudos to Subway for the $5 footlong.  During this recession when everyone else was cutting portions and raising prices, Subway comes to the rescue of the common man.  5 Stars

Quick hits average 4 star Rating!!


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