Dulce De Leche and Chocolate Cheerios Cereal Review

General Mills is definitely not a racist company...I hope this isn't what is taken from the following paragraph.  I'm just saying that at first glance there appears to be some disturbing trends.
For over 60 years, Cheerios came in the form of regular Jim Gaffigan-esque-white, and the slightly less white honey-nut brand.  As well, the only way to improve the (non) taste of regular Cheerios was to add heaping spoonfuls of pure white sugar.  Was this a concerted effort by General Mills to be the (cereal) man?!  Probably not...but it's a good way for me to introduce their full-scale integration of new cereals, and to prove that taste is color-blind.

Chocolate Cheerios are fairly low in calories and sugar. (compared to other sugar cereals...not compared to Lettuce)  At 100 calories per serving, you can feel much less guilt pounding a bowl at 10pm as part of your nightly cereal routine.
The reason the calories are lower, is because the chocolatey/sugary taste is not very high.  These won't ever be mistaken for cocoa pebbles.  Nor will they turn your milk into a sweet nectar of chocolate syrup to drink after your cereal is gone.  This is actually a plus for me.  I prefer the more subtle cereal flavors.
The old adage of "Once you go black Cheerios, you never go back" does not apply here....because another flavor has been introduced for which my palette is even more pleased....read on.

Dulce De Leche Cheerios is supposed to be a homage to our Latin American neighbors and their famous Caramel-milk like spread/topping.  While there is probably a tie to the Latin American community with the whole grain that went into this cereal (most likely harvested by low-paid immigrants working 14 hour days), the famous Dulce De Leche taste did not make an appearance in the box.
Don't get me wrong.  The Cereal is very good, and the taste of "Caramel" is also subtle like the chocolate.  But if you're expecting a dead ringer for that sweet caramel honey taste from the land of be-headings and hostage-taking, you'll probably be disappointed.
The calories are also low for this cereal, which makes me say muy bueno.

The main reason I never purchased Cheerios in the past was the fact that they tasted like toned-down dog biscuits.  This has all changed with the introduction of these 2 new flavors.  Plus, I can totally show that I have a very multicultural cereal cabinet.  Chocolate cereals, Latin American cereals, Fruity Pebbles, and one of the boxes even has a leprechaun on the front. (the term "little people" applies...not leprechauns)

4 magically delicious stars for both of these cereals.  Turn up the funk and crank up the mariachi...General Mills has gone global.

I also noticed that one of my favorite blogs has also reviewed the Dulce De Leche Cheerios here! 
You should give it a read as well.


mensajes claro said...

This is one of my favorite dessert.

Crystal said...

Oh I so badly have to try the De luche cheerios!

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