budk.com Website Quick Hits Review

For that  hard-to-find Nazi apparel, there is no better website, but it’s slower than hell.  3 Stars.

 Sure, you have to ignore some Nazi memorabilia and Confederate swag, but where else can you get a Ninja sword for $7 and a bucket of tactical folders for 5 bucks? 4 Stars.

I'm not kidding when I say you can buy a grappling hook for $30 and a gas mask for $20. By my estimation I can become Batman for under 200 dollars. Where do they get all these wonderful toys? Though there should probably be some sort of background check as to ward off the militia members. Even so, these knives are cheap. 5 throwing stars (which apparently can be bought for just $6).

When my friends and I decided to enact a real-world version of Atari's Gauntlet, Budk.com was able to outfit our weaponry down to the very last detail.  Wizard needs food badly.  5 Shuriken Stars.
 Quick Hits 4.25 Star Rating!!


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