Taco Time Crisp Burrito Bites Quick Hits Review

     When you want the same great (cheap) taste of a crisp bean burrito but without the embarrassment. And by embarrassment, I mean that the actual foot long burrito flakes off into your lap as you try to eat it.  This, and the extremely phallic shape of the burrito itself. 4 stars for innovation and making me look less gay.

     I remember when Taco Time actually could compete with Taco Bell.  Of course I remember when they used actual meat.  0 Stars.

         I've always been less of a twig guy, more a berries man.  Blatantly homophobic, and I support that.  4 stars.

      Taco Time is "good crappy quasi-Mexican food."  Their crisp burrito line can only get better when adding more surface area to soak the oil into the food.
The only knock is knowing that I'll get 2nd degree mouth roof blisters from popping these too quickly and burning myself on the delicious greasy contents.  4 stars.

Quick Hits Average of 3 stars.


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