Myfitnesspal Smartphone App Review -- Take it or Leave it

     Were I to be the star of my own porn website, it would probably be enticing to people who enjoy greying, portly, plain-looking, big nosed, hairy, naked guys.  Possible domain names may include reallyuglyfatnudedude.com or myeyesareburningpleasemakeitstop.com.  Luckily, I have a 9-5 job which pays my bills, as my personal porn site would most likely leave me penniless.
     While I can't change much in my personal appearance outside of Just for Men haircare products or to visit a plastic surgeon to shrink my schnoz, there is something that can be taken care of in the present--my big fat ass.
     After the good Lord and my family, food is about the most important thing to me.  And by important, I mean that I eat a lot.  I knew that this would have to change to have a backup career in the adult webcam industry.
Luckily, I ran across the myfitnesspal app on my smartphone to help me in this campaign.
     This app is basically a food/exercise diary.  There is just about every brand and type of food imaginable loaded into the database.  You eat it...then you enter it into the app.  You also know how many calories you can eat each day as they design a diet based on your weight and lifestyle.  This also syncs up with your free online account at myfitnesspal.com. (for those of you still using a Motorola Razr from 2005)  There is a weight/inches loss tracker, and the website has custom graphs to track your progress.
The only thing that they leave to you...is to eat less.
     While I haven't mastered this last challenge, the myfitnesspal app is a lifesaver when I want to know how far over my caloric intake I am after eating an ultimate double cheeseburger at Jack in the Box.  Definite "take it" rating.  I may even register the domain of holycraphesuglybutingoodshape.com.


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