Mtn Dew Throwback Quick Hits Review

Pure cane sugar…that's the one.  Corn is good for popping and on a cob but keep it the hell out of my 3pm pick-me-up.  Down with HFCS!  4 stars.

I drink original Mtn Dew (can we really not say Mountain anymore?) more than any other beverage. Sorry water. I was told by several (2) people that I would love throwback Mtn Dew because it had real sugar in it. Well apparently I'm not into the real stuff. Give me synthetic sweetener any day. Though let's be honest, even throwback Mtn Dew is better than Mello Yello. I give this yellow number 3 stars.

I’m waiting for Diet Mtn Dew Throwback made with Saccharin.  1 Star

I prefer Diet Mtn Dew as the others are too sweet.  Call me an elitist.  Wait...can someone that drinks Mtn Dew call themselves an elitist?  Plus the retro bottle label freaks me out.  I expect to hear dueling banjos when I look at it.  1 Star.

Quick Hits average of 2.25 Stars.


Movies For Lunch Guys said...

Long-time reader, first-time commenter here and I agree with Meatwad. Pure cane sugar trumps every time! My review (if I may) is 4 stars.

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