KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl Quick Hits Review

Not only delicious, but efficient; this delightful little dish is educational to boot.  “Look kids…your lower intestine.”  Only 4 stars because they don’t serve it in a tube.

First the spork, now the combo bowls.  A 4 course meal all smashed in the same bowl?  That's everything a growin' boy needs without all that pesky decision making that a "traditional" lunch requires.  What's next, bacon wrapped in a meat bun?  Want a new idea KFC? How about NOT running out of CHICKEN when I stop by for a bucket.  2 stars.

KFC keeps trying to push this hillbilly jambalaya.  They are not succeeding.  This isn't Chinese food...it shouldn't all be mixed together.  This bowl is the epitome of anti-synergy.  1 star for mixing corn with gravy

By my calculations, all major food groups are taken care of in one convenient little plastic bowl.  If they could figure out a way to integrate this into a biscuit..a KFC biscuit bowl.  Who wouldn't try that?  You could even top the whole thing with those leftover honey packets they give you.  4 stars.

Quick Hits average of 2.75 Stars.


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