Arbys Ultimate Angus Philly Quick Hits Review

We have a new type of review that we're debuting today.  Each of our reviewers will give a quick summary and star rating for the item being reviewed.  We'll give our average star rating for our site as well.  We call them "Quick Hits."  Hope you enjoy!!

We’re about to say goodbye to Arby’s forever.  They might as well call this the Ultimate Anus Philly.  0 Stars.

I think I have established my feelings on mayo.  After they left that filth off, this was a tasty sub.  4 stars.

I wanted to root for the Eagles after eating this.  I loved it so much that I wanted to eat another one....and did.  5 delicious stars.

Why does Arby's think that their roast beef should go into any sandwich created?  Soon the tuna Arby's melt?  At least there was Arby's sauce to wash this down.  2 stars.

Review Spew Grade----2.75 Stars.


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