Holiday Review - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year. There is just a warmth about it. I was actually born on Thanksgiving day. Yep, I was a month premature. So even before I was born I loved Thanksgiving and didn’t want to miss that one.

I am concerned about the trend in how Thanksgiving is being viewed. First of all, my grade-schoolers did not learn the traditional Thanksgiving story this year and my high-schoolers learned all about how the white man exploited the Indians, etc., etc. I could go on for hours about how much that ticks me off, but my overwhelming feeling is sadness. Can’t we hold onto any traditions in our society? Do they all have to have their bloody scabs ripped off of them exposing the infection beneath?

Then there’s Christmas. I’m not reviewing Christmas, that’s next month, but you wouldn’t know that based on what you and I have seen everywhere for the last several weeks. It use to be that Thanksgiving kicked off the Christmas holiday, but not anymore. Halloween stuff get’s put on the clearance aisle and Christmas stuff gets put up for display. And Thanksgiving is completely forgotten. It’s now just a lever to get people to shop for Christmas at their store. “Free Turkeys if you spend over $150 at our Pre-pre-pre Christmas sale”. It makes me sick.

So many people complain about Christ being taken out of Christmas. I’m sick to death of Thanks being taken out of Thanksgiving. We as a people officially no longer give a damn so why should we be thankful. Just because we’re the most prosperous people to ever grace this good Earth doesn’t mean we have to be thankful. Our poor are among the riches people in the world, what does that tell you?

It’s enough to make me give up and that’s just exactly what I’m going to do. So today, I’m going to go through the motions. I’m going to stuff and cook the turkey, bake the pies, mash the potatoes, and then consume it all within about 10 minutes then take a well deserved nap, but I’ve given up on this being a holiday of thanks. This is a day of gluttony and slothfulness and for that reason; Thanksgiving gets zero stars.


And that is a classic example of what happens when you write a review on an empty stomach. Wow. What a psycho. Yes there is a lack of gratitude in the world and there are people who no longer care and sure Black Friday is coming sooner and sooner every year but so what?

I still love Thanksgiving. It's a time to remember what we have been blessed with and given. This year in particular has been completely amazing to me. My career has taken off in ways I never thought possible. My college aged kids are home for the holiday and despite how excited I was when they left, I'm absolutely delighted to have them back for the holiday. And I'm totally stoked for the feast that's cooking in the kitchen right now. Hope is restored and that is what Thanksgiving is all about. 4 Stars!!!


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