Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeño Flavored Potato Chips - Take It or Leave It

I’m not a big fan of Kettle-cooked potato chips. I’m not a big fan of Kettle-corn for that matter. I guess you could say I’m a Kettle-ist. What the hell is a kettle anyway? What makes it different than a frying pan? Is it the lack of a Teflon non-stick coating? Kettle chips hurt my teeth plain and simple and they are far too noisy for their own good. I don’t like drawing that much attention to myself. I do however enjoy eating them in bed when my wife is trying to sleep. It drives her crazy. She tries to wear earplugs but that doesn’t stop the chip crumbs from flying into her hair as I’m consuming mouthfuls at a time.

The true problem is if you put Jalapeños into anything…I cannot say no to it. Jalapeños and Cheddar crackers? Done. Jalapeños Burgers? Done. Jalapeños flavored Cheerios? Done. Man I wish they would make those. Anyway, I just tried a bag of Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeño Flavored Potato Chips. They have such a good flavor and have that cumulative effect that I love so much about Jalapeños. Burns so good. The single-serving bag size was bigger than standard which made them all the better. They’re perfect to satisfy any snack need. I still can’t abide their uppity loud crunch or the pain they inflict upon my sensitive teeth but if I see them in the store again….I’ll Take It!!! By which I mean I’ll pay for them…just so we’re clear.


VampireWiki Blog said...

See, I'm just the opposite, I like the kettle chips, but am not a fan of anything with Jalapeños... I don't mind the heat, I'll put cayenne or hot sauce an anything, but I don't really like the flavor... to each his own :)

Anonymous said...

Wow , had heartburn for 4 hours , after i ate these, loved the taste , but what do they fry them in ????? it will kill you !!!!!

JustJim said...

They fry them in the sweat and tears of weak men (at least the ones imported from Mexico - those produced locally use Vegetable Oil consisting of Sunflower, Canola and/or Corn Oil). Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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