Dexter season 6 episode 1 review

October is a very good time of year. Not only is it my favorite month, but it's also a great time for TV. And no, I don't mean because you get to see Chaz Bono boot-scoot on Dancing with the stars. Two great series return to cable TV this month, The Walking Dead and Dexter.

As far as the quality of past Dexter seasons go, seasons 1 and 4 are on equal ground. Seasons 2 and 3 are very good but not quite up to the the quality of the previous seasons listed. Season 5 had a lot going against it. How could it ever follow the season before? There is no way that they could top the Trinity Killer, especially with Julia Stiles. I don't hate season 5 as much as other people do, but it just felt like every character that is not named Dexter just stayed stagnant or became less likable.

Mild spoilers follow.

So it doesn't hurt that Dexter can only go up from here. My expectations were low, so I went into this season premiere ready for anything to happen. It sets everything up for an interesting season. Dex's son, Harrison, is almost ready to start preschool. Deb and Quinn have been dating for a while and are about to take the possible next step. Thank goodness that Laguerta and Batista are now divorced and we don't have to deal with the whiny jealous politics of last season.

Faith and religion are going to take center stage this season. We've already seen Dexter admitting that he believes in nothing but sees the need to bring his son up with religious morals rather than Harry's Code. His first victim, who had a Jesus tattoo, pleaded with Dexter that his sins would be forgiven if Dexter let him go. And now in the fray are the 2 possible "big bads" of the season. Edward James Olmos and his murderous apprentice Colin Hanks. They quote the book of Revelations and it looks like they will stage their murders after prophecies of the Bible.

I am definitely on Team Edward (James Olmos). And Colin Hanks has the capability to be a definite creeper. Dexter's inner monologue is as great as ever. One of the highlights of this episode happens as Dexter attends his high school reunion and is propositioned by the former prom queen. As he tries to talk his way out of it, the dark passenger finally tells him "Shut up, Dexter." Also classic is Harry's role as he plays ghost dad who is cheering his son on in the football game and reunion dance. Classic stuff.

I am very excited about the rest of the season and am really hoping that some main characters start dying off soon. Is that wrong?


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