The Genesis Key Book Review

The management here at reviewspew.com are real head-cases. They take the fact that it’s been just over 2 months since my last review and have been freaking out on me for the last 4 weeks. OK, I get it, I signed on with the intent of writing regular reviews and I haven’t been doing that of late. But the methods used to get me back into the game have been pathetic. I hear from them comments like “Remember when you use to write reviews? Wasn’t that cool?” As if that’s going to get me to write a review. Sheesh. Then they inform me that they have revoked my blogger rights and can no longer review. I didn’t even bat an eye. I knew they were bluffing. Then last night I tell them through a text that I’m watching a certain movie. They asks “How was it”. I tell them and they reply “You should review it. You have a real talent for it.” So they went from subtle to threats to stroking my ego. Give me a break. It just won’t work.

OK, onto my review.

I love first time authors. I really do. A first time author has written the book they have been dreaming about and thinking about for 10, 20 or even 30 years. While they toiled away at being a parent or a parking attendant or whatever they did with their lives, this book was always in the back of their mind. So when they finally get it out on paper, and it’s good enough to be published, it’s normally pure genius. Two cases in point: The Hunt For Red October and The Firm.

So when looking for a toss-away-book to read while on my lunch break or using the toilet, I found this little gem called “The Genesis Key” by James Barney. When I read that it was Mr. Barney’s first novel, that sealed the deal and before long I was anxiously turning the pages. It is gripping from the very beginning, with short chapters that typically end on a mini-cliff-hanger. I like books like that.

It was very reminiscent of Dan Brown with a little sprinkle of Michael Chrighten’s early work. In other words: Awesome. It did have a point somewhere around the two-thirds mark where it started to drag, but not to the point that I could have allowed myself to throw it away (I have done that with some books).

This is not great literature. It will never be analyzed in a college English class or even a high school honors English class. But I suspect we’ll be hearing from Mr. James Barney again real soon. But I could be wrong. Perhaps he only had the one novel in him. Check it out for yourself, I think you’ll enjoy it.

I give The Genesis Key 4 stars. I’ll see you guys around Christmas time!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, based on your review I downloaded this book on my Kindle and am really enjoying it.


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