Fantasy Fighting Review

Whereas 80% of my walking around in the daytime fantasies used to be sexual in nature, sizing up women and imagining them attacking me in every conceivable scenario, the majority of my focus has now moved to men and the nature of the “attack” has drastically changed. Let me explain. Whenever I am in public, I am always on guard. I am constantly assessing the situation, looking for the sinister folk, planning exits if something “Goes Down”. I am paranoid and know that 99% of all people want to hurt, maim, or steal from me or my family. Most of all, now that I have been involved in Muay Thai training and some boxing and grappling over the last year, I find myself fantasy fighting guys in my head all of the time. I plan out my attack, my defense, and the exchange of taunts or retorts before the barrage of elbows and fists. If my wife and kids are with me, it is 10X worse. I am continually trying to figure out how to protect them from abduction while simultaneously ripping out wind pipes and buckling knees.

I understand how ridiculous this is because there is no way that things would really happen the way they do in my head. The fact of the matter is, I’m not that great a fighter and if push came to shove, I would likely wet myself. I also realize that this is the behavior of a 10 yr old boy pretending to be a ninja and beating up the bad guys. That being said, I can’t stop doing it and to be honest, I am getting more cavalier in my fantasies and it is affecting real life. In reality, I have stared down a few guys that were giving me the eye and fully intended to teep kick them into next week. The other day, after just such a stare down, I fantasy fought a 55 yr old man in my head that was about 4 foot tall and roughly 300 lbs…and I might add that I kicked his ass! I am sick, I have a problem, and I know it. It won’t be cured until I actually get in a fight and get destroyed by a 120lb 6th grader. Until then, in my head, I charge on as an MMA master. I'm preparing mentally, I'm building up confidence, and I am getting in touch with my inner warrior. If you have a problem with it, I suggest you tread lightly my friend... because in my head, you're about to receive the ass whoopin' of your life.

I give fantasy fighting 4 stars for now as I have not yet been stomped in real life as a result. A man has got to dream.


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