Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer Review

The evolution of bathroom hand drying techniques seems to be in a rut.  In the last month or so, I've been in public restrooms that included the following:

The circular cloth towel--Really?  Take a 12 foot towel, and stick it on a couple rolls so that it just spins on itself for years...no maintenance required.  Most likely they knew that guys don't wash their hands very often, and thus the towel would have time to dry out before it spun around again to another unknowing victim.

5mph air hand dryer--This is stil the most common.  Push the button, vigorously rub hands together for 4 minutes while a faint breeze emanates from the dryer.  Then wipe remaining water onto your jeans.

Manual paper towel holder--Close...but no cigar.  I don't want to touch someone else's man-junk-germs to turn the roll in order to get paper towels. (I know..I should unroll it before I wash my hands, but I don't EVER want man-junk-germs to come in contact with my hands.  Unless they're my germs...which smell like roses)

I know what you're thinking.  I spend a lot of time in public restrooms.
While true, it is mainly for relieving my over-active bladder.

I have long wished that the hand-drying industry would revolutionize their industry--kind of like razors do.  I mean come on--First there was 1 blade.  And then they added--get this--ANOTHER BLADE!  What did they think of next??  ANOTHER BLADE!!  Where do they come up with these genius ideas?  My current razor has 5--count'em--5 blades.  I'm not sure where they'll go from here.  It's anybody's guess.

Finally, this time has come.  Dyson (who is mainly known for sucking) has turned their attention to blowing.  They have created a hand-drying system that is supposed to solve all our wet-hand problems, heal the sick, and run for President.  It is called the Airblade.
This has actually been around for a few years, but when one spends the majority of their time in rest-stop bathrooms, new technology isn't really abundant.

This hand dryer has two gaps in the top where you place your wet hands.  Then you pull slowly upward as 400mph wind shoots through to dry each hand.  In around 10 seconds, your hands are dry, and are on your way.

There are many positives to this method:
No chance for man-junk-germs to be transferred as it is hands-free. 
Your hands are actually dry when this has completed.
OK...maybe not many positives.  But these two are the most important.

Potential negatives:
Trying to play the adult version of "Operation" and putting your hands into the slots without touching the sides.
This being the only hand-drying method in the bathroom.  You see, if there are no paper towels, how am I going to open the door when I leave?  Touch it with my hands?
Placing these in rest-stop restrooms where on a quiet night, a lonely trucker will attempt Dyson blow job.

I'm all for increasing cleanliness in public restrooms.  In fact, if the Dyson Airblade weren't so expensive, I'd purchase one for my home.  But that's reallly not necessary as I don't wash my hands at home.  My home...my germs.
4 stars for this fantastic device.


Michael Blaskowsky said...

Hello Matt. I work with the company that distributes the hand dryers in the USA and would like to point out a small factual error in your post.

While Dyson does produce a jet-style high-speed hand dryer, they did not invent it. That honor goes to Mitsubishi, who first produced this style of dryer in 1993. It is called the Jet Towel and has been through eight generations as the product evolves. You can find out more here:


Matt said...

@Michael--Thanks for the slight correction--although I didn't quite state that they "invented" the system, rather "created" it. (meaning the airblade)

Either way, I hope this works better than my 1992 Mitsubishi Mirage did.

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