Security Feel Better Anti-Hangover Drink Review

    Welcome in a guest reviewer--who was more than willing to have a good reason to get liquored up.  We thank him for his sacrifice.:)

 Let’s put this into focus shall we? You’re out on the town with your buddies, drinking down Jager Bombs like they’re Grandma’s lemonade. There's a fat chick giving you the eye from across the room and well…as of the last drink she appears to have dropped a few pant sizes. Pretty soon you’re hugging a midget named Tommy and later wake up half naked in your apartment--pork chop in your pocket and headache that's pulsating worse then Michael J. fox's hand in a pointing contest. (insert hate mail here). Now what if I were to tell you that the people of SecurityFeelBetter.com have a drink that claims to put a end to those pesky hangovers. (but not an end to waking up by a midget named Tommy)
Do they work? Perhaps.
Will Zach Galifianakis be out of work soon? Perhaps.
Do you need to read on to find out? You bet your beer loving butt you do!

  I can say right out of the gate these babies are a little spendy. If you’re ordering from the website, be prepared to drop eleven bucks for a single 1oz bottle (includes shipping). Or if you’re a lush like me--I mean Alcoholic Scientist, cough cough, you can order four bottles for twenty-seven and they’ll ship them right to your door.
Once Fed-Ex dropped these off, I ripped the package open like a fat kid on Christmas hoping for a chocolate Santa. The overall design was really well done. They came in a little black box with a cool Security logo. There were two little bottles tucked inside, everything an anti-hangover drink should look like.

     A few drinks later, I went back to my room and figured I should probably confirm the directions of use, you know just to make sure. I was a little perturbed to find out that there really weren’t any instructions. It basically stated, shake well and consume one bottle--no sh*t! If you go to their website, it states the following on their Products page: “Drink SECURITY FEEL BETTER before going to bed.” and also under their FAQ's section When is the best time to drink SECURITY FEEL BETTER Hangover Prevention? After your last glass of alcohol or before going to bed.” Just saying this would have been a nice to have this printed on the box!

     By the time I got the instructions figured out, I was good and liquored up. I downed one of the bottles and hit the sack. The overall taste was quite pleasant. It was just like drinking a small glass of pear juice.
     The best part of all is, (pause for effect)... these babies actually worked! The next morning I woke up feeling quite well. I had more energy than normal and the sluggishness you normally would feel from a good night of drinking was also gone. I gave a bottle each to two of my friends the day after who also usually have hangovers, and both stated they felt better. So besides a few beefs with the price and the label the overall impression gets my thumbs up approval!

Wake up at 8AM, open the blinds, and go to the gym—even if you came in last place in beer pong the night before. This product whips the "morning-after" sourpuss right out of you--I give it a 4-star rating.


No More Hangovers! said...

We appreciate all the comments and we are happy that the efficacy of Security Feel Better has been tested and proven once again!

On a note, we would like to inform you that our packaging has considerably changed, the product now comes in a Peel and Read label where we were able to fit more information, for instance, a detailed suggested use.


Security Feel Better Team

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